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Get your complimentary covid cleaning assessment with every quotation which includes:


Frequent Touched Areas


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We help you implement a clean COVID-safe environment

We all have to do our part during this Pandemic and we’re here to help you implement proper hygiene and cleaning as a part of the government’s Covid safety plan to make a sure you’re able to keep your office running while keeping everyone safe.

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Wellbeing of staff
and customers

Hygiene and cleaning

Record keeping

Keep your business open

Our complimentary cleaning assessment works as follows:

1. We come in and audit

A thorough inspection of the property writing down detailed notes and finding out your trading requirements.

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2. Create a plan

Create a plan to keep your business running smoothly with cleaning checklists, logs & processes.


3. Implementation

We follow the customised plan for your business and maintain the cleanliness of the office environment.


We are committed to keeping your business running and that’s why we offer a deep clean of your premises within 24 hours of a confirmed Covid case.

Working with ROYAL LEADERS gives you access to discounts on a range of cleaning supplies:

Go with the cleaning company who:

Has been tried and tested - we’ve been in business for over a decade
We simply do the work right.
And our customer reviews speak for themselves:

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“Initially we hesitated to switch cleaners because we had been using our previous cleaners for years. After engaging Royal Leaders we realised they were at a much higher level. Within just weeks, the cleaning of our buildings were noticeably improved.”

Tim Curac - Titles Strata
Head of Maintenance

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“We pride ourselves on the presentation of our office to clients and Royal Leaders take the worry away. The thing about cleaners is you only notice them when they do a poor job. Royal Leaders are hardworking and delightful to deal with.”

Greg Betty - Action Coach
General Manager

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