Royal Leaders was first founded in 2008. Long before we were servicing major pharmaceutical warehouses or stadiums that are home to international sporting events, we were just a small commercial cleaning company servicing 1 KFC store upon request by their management and a handful of other small clients. 


We very quickly were referred to multiple KFC stores which built the initial client base. With time, we developed our service offering and expanded into much larger clients and sectors.


2013 was a pivotal time as we implemented extensive changes to our systems and processes for quality control and WHS to allow us to work in more complex sectors. With these changes, we are able to provide a much better service when servicing multi-million dollar facilities and complexes.



2008: Small cleaning business servicing a hand full of homes and offices in Sydney.
2009: We secure our first cleaning contract with one KFC store.
2010: We win cleaning contracts for a chain of KFC stores.
2011: Royal Leaders secures cleaning contracts for commercial buildings.
2012: Our Company expanded to a team is at 45 cleaners.
2013: We implement WHS and quality control systems that are to ISO standards.
2014: Our Company secures its first million-dollar contract and we expand our team.
2015: We become experts in warehouse cleaning and secure blue-chip clients.
2016: We win our first council contact and grow as a reputable cleaning Company.
2017: Our Company diversifies and wins contracts in hospitality, fitness and strata.
2018: With over 100 sites under management we expand our operations & QA team.
TODAY: We have a team of over 65 working in multiple industries all over Sydney.

“I believe what made us popular with our first client back in 2008, is still the reason today why we continue to grow and expand. By providing a reliable, honest, co-operative and cost efficient service for you.” 


Ash Lal,

Managing Director - Royal Leaders

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